• Find a Venue

    Looking to host a game of Football but can’t find a place? Search for Venues based on location & activities.

  • Find a Sports Shop

    Got fellow players and Venue sorted but what about the right gear? Find nearest Sports shop on the App & navigate to it to get your cool kit.

  • Blog

    Get an insight into the latest happenings in the world of sport in the blog section. Get scores, highlights, articles and loads more.

  • Find an Event

    Want to play but don’t know where to go? Simply log on to the events section to browse through upcoming events. You can search through a particular Sport, Date or Location.


Discover events around you based on your preferences, skills and activities. Join an Event on the App, get updates event & chat with the organiser or fellow players.

After attending the event you can even rate the organiser, check your attendance and give feedback.

Redeem Store

PlayFish rewards you with points each time you attend an event or refer a friend. What’s more there’s also a joining bonus.

With these points you can go to the online store, browse through some supercool Adidas and Devils Circuit branded merchandise and make your selection.

We will get it delivered to wherever you are.

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